✪ Mike
Professional Killstreak Loose Cannon - 1 Key 9 Refined
Strange Killstreak Rocket Launcher [SPELL] - 10 Refined
The Essential Accessories - 13 Refined
Festive Minigun - 13 Refined
Non-Craftable Specialized Killstreak Frontier Justice Kit - 11 Refined
The Cuban Bristle Exquisite Rack - 7 Refined
Strange Outback Intellectual - 11 Refined
The Cuban Bristle Crisis - 9 Refined

Send a trade Offer here - Don't add me.
Offer sent for Accessoires.
Mr. Sam
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When you have sold an item, please remove it from that list above...
Mr. Sam
sorry, i'm very F-ing blind.
Mr. Sam
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I'll offer two keys pure for the Loose Cannon if you add 6 ref.
That's a fair deal... i guess?
✪ Mike
sure send a trade offer
Mr. Sam
Thanks, have a good day!
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.