This trade was closed by Slash at 19:45:06 on December 14th, 2015 with the following reason:
One or more of the items listed are not for sale
✪ Mike
The Antarctic Researcher - 5.55 Refined
Thermal Insulation Layer - 6.22 Refined
The Essential Accessories - 13 Refined
The Brawling Buccaneer- 3 Refined
Combat Slacks - 3.66 Refined
Weight Room Warmer - 5.33 Refined
The Blizzard Breather - 3 Refined
The Chronomancer - 5.33 Refined

Send a trade Offer here - Don't add me.
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Hi, I'm buying the slacks but I've got trade offer issues but I've added you for a quick trade
lord Raxtamax
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te compro The Brawling Buccaneer
lord Raxtamax
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I buy you Brawling Buccaneer
lord Raxtamax
lord Raxtamax
I give it 3 refined by the brawling buccaneer
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.