Disco Beatdown Hat With No Name : 40 Keys

Anti-Freeze Kabuto : 180 Keys

Burning Flames Tavish Crown (gifted) : 110 Keys

Blizzardy Storm Voodo Juju : 24 Keys

Haunted Ghosts Mann of Reason (1 of 1) : 50 Keys

Roboactive Buckaroo's Hat : 40 Keys

Power Surge Scotch Bonnet: 36 Keys

--> Highly Interested in unusual miscs of any sort (Depends on the effect)
--> I like all-class hats and soldier hats mainly
--> Pure is King
--> Highly interested in unusual versions of the hats on the right
--> If not paying pure, I expect 20%-30% item overpay.
--> ALL Hats are clean
--> Most hats have updated prices (except Buckaroos/Scotch Bonnet)

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