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Selling it for 15 keys or 18 in unusuals
Unusuals in 16 Keys Scout>Engineer> Any other class

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Nuts n' Bolts Chieftain's Challenge
Sorry to say but that hat you offered is too low for the B/O in unusuals.Other than that, I dont play much solly.You have to either add or hide this offer.Tq
Erm, how much would i have to add?
Why don't you just buy it with your keys instead of trading Unusuals.Its much Easier
Btw,Your hat is duped.I have no interest in Dupes unless you can add a FEW Keys.( I mean a lot of keys for it )
Eh, cause my keys are for quicksales. Thats why..
Your a Quickbuyer I understand that.But, Selling me a Duped Unusual without telling it was DUPED.And your not gonna use the keys to add for your unusual...Cmon Man...Really?.Your That Stingy?
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Reply to that^^ Personally i really do not care for dupes on low-tier hats. There are a decent ammount of people that are like that. But, i do understand if you really dont like duped hats. It just really effects higher tier hats if they are duped by lowering the valuee:3 Ty anyways<3
lel,no prob. I Never Liked DUPES
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.