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Vintage Level 100 Killer's Kabuto - 8 Keys
Vintage Level 100 Seargents Drill Hat - SOLD OUT
Vintage Level 100 Soldiers Stash - 6 Keys
Vintage Level 100 Ze Goggles - 5 Keys
Vintage Level 100 Stainless Pot - 4 Keys
Vintage Level 100 Professional's Panama - 4 Keys
Vintage Level 100 Bonk Helm - 4 Keys
Vintage Level 100 Magistrates - SOLD OUT

+many other collector level hats and weapons (see my other trades)

Will consider SENSIBLE offers

Trade Offers only, dont add please.
Pure preferred but will consider non pure over pay if I like the items.
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Nice collection :P
Thanks :)
i see you have a vintage level 100 kabuto in your inventory, are you selling that? if so how much
Hi there, I do have one left, but its my only one so not currently for sale I'm affraid. If I get hold of another, I can let you know, but those bad boys are tricky to find! I've sold 3 others at 8 keys each so far.
Hi, I managed to get hold of another - are you interested?
will you be selling it for 8 keys?
Around that.... what were you thinking?
i didnt have any amount on my mind, 8 is too much for me though at the moment
i should be buying one of the kabutos in a few days. is 8 definitely the price you're selling for?
If you are paying pure I'll do 7 for you :)
just realised i have to wait 8 days to be able to trade my keys, also are you selling the level 100 vintage hallmark painted black? if so how much?
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Do you still sell Kabuto?
Sorry, just sold my last spare Kabuto
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sent offer for ze googles
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