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Please read this !

Karambit Night *SOLD*
Karambit Night *SOLD*
Butterfly Fade *NEW*

I have a 1500+$ Csgo Inv and I am looking to exchange my CSGO items into TF2 unusuals !
DO NOT add me on steam, leave your offers here !

Pls DO NOT Offer me the following:
-Gifted Unusuals
-Robo Unusuals (I am fine if it is a robo effect, needs more overpay tho)
-Unpriced Unusuals
-Quicksell Prices

If you offer keep in mind:
I want overpay (50-80%, CsGO > TF2)
I want full price in keys and not QS prices.
Send me an trade offer or post your offer here
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looking to trade my 550k and 275k unusuals to tf2 add me
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trading unusuals for knives
I have a c.heart fancy fedora, an aussy knife, some pro ks weps for spy, a flies modest, and a s.f sniper if ur interested
send me an trade offer and i will look at it
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sent an offer
if you swap the ak vulcan with my ak aquamarine I would be ok with that
what about the jaguar?
no sry
would be to low for me then, GL selling and have a nice day/night
Price in keys for karambit night?
sry but both nights are sold
k thx
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.