♛She is BAE<3 ツ
Looking for offers on this beautiful Rock, Paper, Scissors Taunt of mine.


B/O: 150 keys pure 100 keys pure
Current Offer: 78 keys pure+ duped haunted ghost little buddy.

Note: I take australium as pure if the price is right.

Feel free to add me when Im online Or Send me a trade offer when I'm offline.

Don't be afraid to offer, if you aint lowballing.
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just throwing some offer, midnight whirlind High five + 10 pure.
♛She is BAE<3 ツ
Not really a fan on whirlwind and I was looking for overpay. Thanks for offer anyway. GL selling
little HIPO
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65key pure?
♛She is BAE<3 ツ
No thank you. Not Quickselling it sorry.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.