-GoV-Yurchik*| B>QS with 1200k
[Steam Guard Mobile Authentified - no waiting time on trade offers]

Looking for offers (TF2/CS:GO)
People who not even try to offer a fair trade dont need to expect friendliness in my answere.

i'm negotiable
i really prefer unusual miscs
add me if you want to negotiate(leave a comment on my profile telling me why you added me.)
9 keys pure for the glengarry?
10 for bonnet?
its 12
SnipingPanda moat.gg
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|wirs| stinky
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My ground control for the belt
not interested in the hat, thx
|wirs| stinky
Alright, Gl selling
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nuts n bolts furious fukamaagasa +2-3 keys in sweets for the glengarry?
if its clean,u should add like 4 keys and its better pure if u can.
idk if it's clean.. idc about dupes ect and i can probs do that
oh its duped,i am not that interested unless u ll add like 7 keys,sorry.
love those greedy traders over a hat that's exactly the same lolol.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.