Selling a variety of unusuals!

Harvest Moon Milkman : 90 Keys

Stormy Storm Yellow Belt : 29 Keys OR 1:1 with a CLEAN Max's Head

Searing Plasma Bucket Hat : 18 Keys (Vivid plasma is 24 keys and price is outdated / 1 of 1 on the market)

Burning Flames Tavish Crown (Cleanest / shortest history) : 140 Keys (changed the price because of the high offers I'm getting)

Blizzardy Storm Voodoo Juju : 24 Keys OR I will add a Teufort Knight for a Clean Max's Head

Haunted Ghosts Mann of Reason (1 of 1, glitched effect in the waist region) : 50 Keys

--> Highly Interested in unusual miscs of any sort (Depends on the effect)
--> I like all-class hats and soldier hats mainly
--> Pure is King
--> Highly interested in unusual versions of the hats on the right
--> If not paying pure, I expect 20%-30% item overpay.
--> ALL Hats are clean
--> Most hats have updated prices
--> Willing to upgrade / downgrade my unusuals
--> Class priority goes as follows : Soldier > Scout > Pyro > Demoman > The Rest

Add me or just offer below!
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Bubbling Bloke's + Key + Strange Spec KS Medi Gun + Quick Fix
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Bubbling Bloke's + Key + Strange Spec KS Medi Gun + Quick Fix for Searing Plasma Bloke's
Added to discuss about Blizz VV
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