Selling following items:

Unusual Geisha Boy effect Dead Presidents - 15 keys pure or unusuals offers

Unusual Copper's Hard Top effect Eerie Orbiting Fire - 20 keys pure or unusual offers/overpay

Collector's Proffessional Killstreak Tomislav Manndarin Tornado - 12 keys pure or unusual overpay

Strange Taunt Burstchester - 13 keys pure or unusual overpay

Strange Bird-Man of Aberdeen painted Lime Low Craft #12 - open for offers (9keys offer rejected)

Strange Professional Killstreak Splendid Screen Villainous Violet Singularity with Damage Dealt part - 5 keys pure or overpay

If you pay pure just send me trade offer, if you want pay in items (unusuals) post your offer below

My little wish list:
Unusual for demo knight
unusual for scout
unusual taunt
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I'll have an unusual Carouser's Capotain Vivid Plasma worth 14 keys plus Lack of Hue in a day, if you want to buy it.
? if i want to buy it?
do you offer it for smth that im selling?
Yeah that's what I meant
so, what do you want get for it?
Not sure, what would you offer for it
How about the splendid screen and stunts an for a total of 15 keys? I'll add some stuff.
Who Knows?
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Hey kiddo, interested in a profitable upgrade? I got this 27 key bicorn and would be willing to count your coppers as 19 keys.
1st dont name me kiddo, 2nd that bicorn is overpriced 3rd im not into duped unusuals
Who Knows?
Welp, I can see that your manners are the finest, well cya later kiddo
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.