Taking offers on a Burning Flames Rotation Sensation

- Clean / Short History
- All-class
- Painted White

Looking for:
- Unusual miscs
- God tier all-class hats
- Soldier sets
- Mixed offers / Keys
- 1st gen / some halloween effects

I don't want:
- 3rd gen effects (unless MASSIVE overpay)
- Robo hats
- Hard to sell hats (oudated / unpriced hats)
- Duped unusuals (You can offer them, but I will value them at 50% of its price)

B/O: 450 keys / more in unusuals

Add me if you want or just offer below
Scorching Baker boy, ;) luv ya
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a g.e gibus + stormy 13 hour napper + death at dusk engy cap
Thats low, sorry.
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add to my darkblaze ke?
Im not interested in upgrading that much, and it seems to be duped. I'll pass, thanks anyways.
Sid the Salamander
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Purple energy tossle?
That is the biggest lowball... Make sure you read the notes before offering! (I really wanted to give a rude response :P)
Have a 1/1 Ooze KE if you can add.
not interested in that effect, sorry.
Burning Soldier's Stash + 40 keys (clean)
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.