-GoV-Yurchik*| B>QS with 1200k
[Steam Guard Mobile Authentified - no waiting time on trade offers]

Looking for offers (TF2/CS:GO)
People who not even try to offer a fair trade dont need to expect friendliness in my answere.

i'm negotiable
i really prefer unusual miscs
add me if you want to negotiate(leave a comment on my profile telling me why you added me.)
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Are you quick selling that hard counter?
Atleast put a description:p
what for?there are prices at the right part of trade:)
Ehh I guess your right hey what about mixed?
I'll send an offer
like how much keys + in items?not 30 ofc
I'll do an overpay
trade offer pleaser
I yours is duped so im gonna pay a bit less for that
how much the Unusual Condor Cap ?
added to discuss
b4 anny
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I wanna trade my Disco beat down respectless rubber glove painted australium gold for cloud 9 bone dome, my unusual is worth 18, while the bone dome is worth 16-17!
45 keys for the rather festive tree?
its glitched,my price is 60
glitched how?
it has spec ks on it,1 in the world.another regular one is selling for 55
no,sorry,i am asking more and not into new skins
I would give you my cloud 9 towering pillar of hats + My Lord cockswains helmet miami nights for the tree
Big Daddy Bismuth
14 keys for Dome?
dom #sexy
how many keys would i need to add to my death at dusk professionals panama for your beams wet works
i am valuing it like 100,so count.
dom #sexy
well, im not sure how you value my hat so where do i start, smart one?
panama is like 45
dom #sexy
i can probably add 55 keys to my offer if we do the trade tuesday
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.