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Karl | K U T S
The most grotesque spy set in existence.

It took alot of care and love to make this set. By god, It is gorgeous.

Looking for offers on it!

The Ketche is a very hard one to come by. The effect Defiantly helps this hat become one of a kind.
Ballpark is about 65

The Noh Mercy is Super Clean. There is no red in the history, and it is very lovely to have in your Backpack.
Ballpark is about 400

The phantom is a perfect Misc, Gaseous Green Bubbles, and it fits tightly under your Noh Mercy you purchase.
Ballpark is about 80

Offers down below!
Hey Karl, are you selling the set as one or would you split it?
Karl | K U T S
I can split m8
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D@D Hood + C.Hearts Cosa for the Noh?
Karl | K U T S
Even if you added your ghosts brotherhood of arms, I would have to decline due to the fact that the hats you have offered are not what really what I would call easy sells. Thank's though.
no worries, have a good one
Baron Kuro
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my 2 unusuals weapons (pistol+shotgun)
Karl | K U T S
Baron Kuro
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Ooops that was for the party phantom sorry xD
Karl | K U T S
Sorry, I will pass. That is closer than the noh mercy, but not for me.
The CandyMann #kms
Now let's figure out how to turn you into red text
Karl | K U T S
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.