✪ Mike
The Snack Attack - 10.77 Refined
The All-Father - 11 Refined
Pyromancer's Mask - 7 Refined
Killstreak Conscientious Objector - 9 Refined
Pyrovision Goggles - 9 Refined
Killstreak Gunslinger Kit - 11 Refined
Combat Slacks - 3.66 Refined
The Festive Ambassador - 7.88 Refined

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hi im Virth
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Hi, are u sold your Gunslinger kit? :)
✪ Mike
no i still have it
hi im Virth
i can't see and bought other, sry :S
Salam El Akmal
sent a offer
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.