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Looking for pure

Offer in the comments or trade offer with notes

Buyout prices
Unusual Berliner's Bucket - Haunted Ghosts - Sold for 22 keys pure (12 May 2016)
Strange CAPPER - 7 keys

Strange Genuine Widowmaker
Strange Pomson 6000
Unusual Capo's Capper - Terror-Watt | 20 keys
Unusual Tsarboosh - Flaming Lantern | 28 keys
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would you be willing to 1-1 that bucket helm for a prof ks australium blutsauger?
Not really looking for autstraliums at the moment, preferably pure, I'll add it to the notes
k bud
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Collectors guillotine for the capper
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Hey will buy the Haunted Ghost for 17 Keys Tomorrow?
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19 Keys? Pure?
For Berlin Bucket
i sent you an offer
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Could I offer 6 pure and a zoomin broom for the strange capper?
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35 key unusual for the bucket helm and the C.A.P.P.E.R?
Its a cloudy moon hard counter
Not really looking for unusual offers at the moment
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What about a Stormy Storm Professionals Panama and add some for the bucket helm ?
I know you're asking mainly for pure, but I really love the hat and I'm willing to offer my only unusual for it, a C9 Copper's Hard Top. I'm willing to negotiate. Thanks for your time :)
how much keys for berlin's bucket helm?
Sent Offer for cute suit
8 keys for capper added
Hey bud, could you do 22 keys and some Metal for the Berliner's?
Dr. Pandasaurus
25 keys for the Berliners provided that it's clean, and you'll have to wait 6 days
Dr. Pandasaurus
Would you accept two Cadaver's Craniums, one with cricling tf logo, and the other with stormy storm + 5 keys pure for the berliners?
Sent an offer, the full 9 keys for the strange C.A.P.P.E.R
would you do a spec KS frontier aussy and some keys for ghost bucket helm?
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I can pay pure for the bucket helm tomorrow if that is ok. :D plz hold it for me!
String Bean
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4 keys for whats now the pro ks kit for the pomson and the strange one
I was planning on using the pro kit on my collector's, could make another fire horns one or provide the items to do so and was aiming for closer to 5 keys because of the parts on the current s. pomson. Feel free to offer or add me and discuss
String Bean
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6 keys for the capper
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added for capper
R7 | Brokering
Do you accept PayPal?
I do, through Marketplace: https://mar...thoofd
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