Hello everybody, im selling some nice items:

#1 Midnight Whirlwind Taunt: The High Five - B/O price - 90 keys

#2 Unusual Copper's Hard Top effect Eerie Orbiting Fire - firm price - 18 keys or unusuals overpay

#3 Collector's Proffessional Killstreak Tomislav Manndarin Tornado - firm price - 10 keys or unusuals overpay

#4 Strange Taunt Burstchester - firm price - 12 keys pure or overpay

#5 Strange Bird-Man of Aberdeen painted Lime Low Craft #12 - B/O price - 20 keys pure, im open for offers
----Not accepted offers for Bird-Man (all from same guy - etzer ->
####Lime painted duped Green Confetti Brigade Helm ~21keys
####Energy Orb Professional Killstreak Low Profile SMG
####white painted Voltaic Hat Protector Universal Translator ~22keys
####12 keys pure
>>>>>screen of chat with offers: http://i.i...7v.png http://i.i...JZ.png
In chat you can find my arguments why i didnt accepted this offers

#6 Festivized Specialized Killstreak Stabbed to Hell Knife FACTORY NEW! - B/O - 8 keys pure, im open for offers

If you pay pure just send me trade offer, if you want pay in items (unusuals) post your offer below

I also would like to get unusuals for scout and sniper.

Do you like my lowcraft? here is more i have: or
Do you like buds with footprints? here is more miscs with footprints i have: or or
added to offer
i accepted your add, how can i help you?
Would you be interested in a roboactive fez for the unusual taunt and the burst chester?
no, ty
ᴏғᴏ Sanguine
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10 pure for the gangreen buds
its much less i expect, i sold rotten orange for 32.5 pure before
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.