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Good evening, ladies and gentlemen!
I am selling the first ever Unusual Balloonicorn Factory New! (Effect: Hot. This is themed with the flame thrower.)

I am looking for around 92 keys, paid in pure.

B/O: 200 keys
C/O: 120 keys

Before sending me an offer, read the comments.

Send me a trade offer ----->

...or post a comment below leaving your offer.

Have fun playing TF2 :D!
- Sgt_Lexington
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So far, I have an offer of 92 keys
nvm, i have a B/O from a very nice gentleman
i can offer 110 keys or $260 if you wanted to sell on the steam market
That's a very generous offer, but the gentleman who bougt out the flame thrower offered 115 keys after i told him you offered 110.
ok,i can up my offer to 120 keys
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alrighty then sold to you medusa
If anyone wants to offer more, I am still open to offers until Sunday, 2/28/16 at 12:00 noon EST.
hi unusual stick launcher
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Pardon, sir, but i don't know what you mean by "unusual stick luancher". Could you elaborate?
LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!!!! I will be having an auction for the Unusual on Monday, February 29th, anytime from 4:00pm - 10:00 pm EST. If you want to join said auction, add me to friends and LEAVE A COMMENT HERE so that I know what you are adding me for XD! Thank you for your cooperation.

******* The Current price is 120 keys, so if you're not prepared to pay that much or more, then don't bother adding me to join the auction. *******
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Yeahhhhhh no. 6 hours for an auction, without knowing whether offerers have a sufficient time one to join, and the fact that despite topping all other offers, you haven't simply sold to Medusa? Poor show mate, not to mention the sudden 200 B/O which was previously 96. I no longer want any part.
too much anal
green energy tower of hats
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.