Buying these items for the following prices:

Strange Part: Gib Kills - 1 key + 5 refined
A Mann's Mint - 1 refined
Strange Part: Sappers Destroyed - 1 key
Mann Co. Painting Set - 1 key + 1 refined
Strange Part: Kills with a Taunt Attack - 15 refined
A Distinctive Lack of Hue - 25 refined
An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge - 10 refined
Upgrade to Premium Gift - 1 key + 8 refined

Add me or send me a trade offer: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=31658745&token=dLjHk0Z4
YOu will probably just hide this but hte lack of hue is even the uncraftable 1 key. So gove at leased 10 ref.
Yeah, Hue is worth a key... Not sure why you placed it as one refined
»§Ð«El Elotero
i have the items mate
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sent offer
☭ OG Tasty ☭
added pls accept
Can you do the gib kills for 1 key + 24 ref?
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