[Steam Guard Mobile Authentified - no waiting time on trade offers]

Looking for offers (TF2/CS:GO)
People who not even try to offer a fair trade dont need to expect friendliness in my answere.

i'm negotiable
i really prefer unusual miscs
add me if you want to negotiate(leave a comment on my profile telling me why you added me.)
Circling HEart Merryweather for Circling Heart Armored Author.
ge baker and 10 keys for the c heart armored
trade offer please
PleXtroN Rusted.cz
Hey i have Butterfly Knife Crimson Web WW.. Do you like?
what for?
[up] SpiGo
aces high soldered sensei (misc) for that snaglle tooth ^^
15 keys on the circling heart tartan spartan?
it is 21
well it is 18-21 so.....
so 21 is my price
ill pass
Frostbite Conquistador for the HWNN?
17 pure for the snaggle?
Not sure if this could do :[
Morning Glory Merryweather for the C. Heart Armored Authority?
Collecting pure for HWNN how does 58 + sweets sound?
Abduction hfoha + aces lucky shot for hwnn
Hwnn (64) hfoha + lucky (68,5)
i have one rare knife will u be into it?feel free to add me if yes/
hey man i added you to discuss trading for the c9 hwnn
captain alex
This user hid their own post.
dbd fed fightin fedora (painted white) for cloud 9 armored? (can add key)
Burning flames Brain Bucket (64) other seller at 70 keys and a strange gift bringer (3) for the C. Hearts Armored Authority
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.