Swiggity Swagger
C9 Spy hat - 25 Keys
Blizzardy Bonk Helm "BONK Slushie" - 16 Keys
Professional Australium Axe - 9 Keys
Professional Australium SMG - 11 Keys
Professional Australium Blutsauger - 15 Keys
10 keys pure for SMG
Swiggity Swagger
Hey, I might do 10 + some sweets, but I am pretty firm ;)
Swiggity Swagger
Leave me an offer
Some old meme
I'll offer an unusual for the bonk helm
Swiggity Swagger
Hi, not to into smoking. I like blizzardy much better. Thanks though. If you get more hats remember me ;)
Some old meme
Okay! :)
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.