CMDR A-r-ron!™ | Lost over $100
Be sure to check all the other items I have for sale on Pg. 1:
Selling these items for the following prices in pure or 20% item overpay offers:

Genuine Centurion ---> 3.33 ref
Genuine AWPer Hand ---> 12.66 ref
Genuine Anger ---> 12 ref
Barnstormer ---> 1.66 ref
Tribal Bones ---> 1.88 ref
Rebel Rouser ---> 1.44 ref
Trash Man ---> 2 ref
Bonk Boy ---> 2.55 ref

NOTE: I do not pay for additional paints, parts, skins, etc on any items! Just the normal item price
ALSO: I do not take: dirty, halloween, or any other cancerous items!
DO NOT ADD ME; Send a trade offer, or use the posts section below to offer item overpay!
Happy trading! :)
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.