Quietus, Selling my DP Fed F. F.
- Limited bargain: Willing to do 250 keys pure / or only 400 EUR ! if u buy both. -
-offer expires on 09.05.2016 [sold scorching for 233 keys in unus!]

all offers welcome http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=112221865&token=J1CWdCRM

Surgeon's Stahlhelm 2.0
Fully paintable
More rare
Less expensive
(SF & BF Surgeon's r ~400, Beams is ~450 keys!)
for screenshots click the puush links

Burning Flames Physician's Protector - http://puu...b0.png - http://backpack.tf/item/4198417961
~165 pure / 200 mixed / 250 in unus

C/o: 200 EUR & 32 keys bought it from another protector owner -.-

Scorching Flames Physician's Protector - http://puu...3f.png - Sold
for ~233 keys in unus

Sunbeams Physician's Protector- http://puu...07.png - http://backpack.tf/item/4148740685
~ 150 pure / 190 mixed / 240 in unus
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My TC is clean, would really appreciate you not spreading misinformation about my hat, thanks.
last time i checked it wasn't
You find a backpack that has it in there and I'll be sure to believe you.
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~50keys in cash + my three unusuals + 30pure for burning
I'll look into this later, but its prolly a bit low.
changed to 60pure + 20keys in cash + three unusuals
could consider that for Beams, but for BF its to low, can u add?
Can add minor sweets, like couple of key items. Not intrested in beams at all.
jus' Ignαnt
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If you're mentioning what the BF Protector has previously gone for don't forget the:
Cowl (Sunbeams) + 10 Keys that seemed like a "fair enough" trade.

GL on your trade!
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.