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Looking for Offers on these Clean Heavy Items

Unusual Purple Energy Hound Dog - 40 Keys Pure - 45+ in Offers
Pro Ks Aussie Minigun - 32 Keys Pure - 35+ in Offers
Spec Ks Aussie Minigun (with really good parts) - 27 Keys Pure - 30+ in Offers
Strange El Duderino (with paint and parts) - 5 Keys Pure - 7+ in Offers
Strange Hunter Heavy (with paint and parts) 2 Keys Pure - 4+ in Offers

Willing to sell separate or all together
Might give slight discount if you offer on all it depends on the offer.

Hide = Nty
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Clean 1of1 on market Peace El Jefe(themed imo also) for prof minigun
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Demonflame dragonborn helm? worth 80 keys for the Unusual and the pro minigun?, ( price is outdated)
I'ma pass, i dont see how the price is outdated seeing as the 5 owners before you all had their b/o at 70 and sold for around there
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.