Strange El Duderino (with paint and parts) - 5 Keys Pure - 7+ in Offers
Strange Huntsman (with parts) - 5 Keys Pure - 7+ in Offers
Starduster - 4 Keys Pure - 6+ in Offers
Strange Hunter Heavy (with paint and parts) 2 Keys Pure - 4+ in Offers
The Chill Cullo - 6.66 Ref

I will also accept Mvm Tickets as 8.33 Ref Pure

You can offer Items but you must overpay by 50%
You can offer a low tier Unusual but you must overpay by 25%

I'm not interested in painted items, strange parts or spells, sorry :/
SF Specialized Black Box (Team Shine) (Spells: Pumpkin Bombs, Exorcism) + Schandenfreude (Laugh Taunt) + Ghastlierest Gibus + Strange Flower Power Shotgun for Strange Huntsman?
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Can I Trade u with a hat? For strange hunstman
if you overpay, sure send an offer
So? Add me?
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.