• Completed
Looking for offers on this beauty, feel free to offer on it.

Feel free to send me a trade offer Or offer right here.

If you wonder, this unusual is clean as whistle.

B/O: 95 PURE keys,QUICKSELLING IT(May go lower depending on the offers you made)
Current Offer: Pro Aussie RL(Private offer).
1. 64 pure keys offered by
2 .70 pure keys offered by
3. 80 pure keys offered by
4. 85 pure keys offered by
5.87 pure keys offered by Knight

Feel free to offer, I won't bite. You can also add me to offer if you would like to, but comment on my steam profile why you added me for before doing so.

EDIT: If you got a good offer, I don't mine discounting it or even quick selling it.

Trade offer link:

87 keys lad
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.