• Completed
Eh, since it went up a bit, might as well entertain some offers. Mind you, this one is as clean as you'l ever find, since I am the original unboxer. Non-duped, squeaky clean.

PS, while I don't trade, dont insult me with offers you know to be low. Ive had this hat for ages and would not mind keeping it forever if the price isn't right.

Also, do not add me nor send any trade offers. Speak up here before hand please.
my dude
Sorry, not at all. Mostly looking for key offers, but many thanks for the offer all the same.
DEgg x 鍾
I have added you to talk about a case, you might remember since you ban me, but i dont know other way to contact you then to add you? sorry if it seems rude or anything but thanks in advance for accepting my invite
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.