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Mmm, flieees. Deliciousss.

All Clean And Extremely Rare!
Tree: 22 Keys (1 of 2)
-C/O: 22 Keys On 4/22/16
Baker: 20 Keys
Tam: 16 Keys (1 of 2)
-C/O: 14 Keys (collecting, has 12)
Drill: 18 Keys (1 of 1)
-Sold for Pure
Officer's Ushanka: 19 Keys (1 of 2)
Gentleman's Ushanka: 19 Keys (1 of 1)

P.S. Some of them may be on the market.
Thanks, have a good one.
Just thought I'd let you know that the Gentleman's is 1 of 4, not 1 of 1, and the Officer's is 1 of 22, not 1 of 2
On market haha.
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drill for 15 keys pure
Under normal circumstances, I would take that but considering that there's 27 of these out there and only one on the market anywhere makes me think otherwise. It's a decent offer, but it needs to go up a bit. Added to discuss, thanks for the offer!
Also, there hasn't been any up on the market for a while and it only has a four person history :o
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.