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Hey there
Selling these items for other items in overpay or discounted in pure

Minigun = 8 keys pure, 10 keys in weapon overpay or 11 keys in weapons/cosmetic overpay

Gunslinger = 6 keys pure, 7 keys in item overpay or 8 keys in weapons/cosmetic overpay

I do not prefer cosmetics/hats unless it is an unusual
If you buy both = 12 keys pure or 15 keys in item overpay
I do consider the value of strange parts but I do not consider paints
I accept both TF2 and CS:GO keys
I will also accept CS:GO item offers; I do not consider the value of stickers
If you are offering a M4 skin I will discount the weapon overpay by 1 key (Minigun = 9 key M4 skin, Gunslinger = 6 key M4 skin, Both = 14 key M4 skin)
Add me to discuss or send me a trade offer.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.