Disco Beat Down Conjurer´s Cowl: 43 keys, more in unusuals - sold
Massed Flies Sultan´s Ceremonial - 1 of 2 on Outpost: 15 keys, more in unusuals
Morning Glory Gym Rat: 1 of 2 in existance according to 40 keys, more in unusuals
Stormy Storm Hound Dog - 1 of 1 on Outpost: 19 keys, more in unusuals
Roboactive Professor´s Peculiarity - very rare hat, 1 of 2 in existance: 60 keys - sold for 60 EotL+ 5 TB keys
Overclocked Plug-In Prospector - 1 of 2 on Outpost: 18 keys, more in unusuals
Green Black Hole Familiar Fez - 1 of 2 on Outpost: 45 keys, more in unusuals

Asking only for small overpay in Australiums. Please do not offer skin or even unusual weapons, I have zero interest in them.

Don´t add me please unless you agree with my prices in pure, otherwise leave an offer below or send a trade offer.
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Bill Gaither
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I'd give you 55 pure on the Peculiarity
sure, send me a trade offer
Bill Gaither
alright give me a minute
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can offer you a blizz hot dogger for fez the hot dogger is going all class so its not price
it´s not all-class yet so no thanks
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.