Unboxing usually leads to disappointing results like really shitty stranges that absolutely no one wants, I want them, for the day of reckoning when I become known as the strangest man alive.

Basically I'll buy any of your shitty stranges that you don't want for 1 ref each
RK 800
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RK 800
Sorry for that comment.....
Can you send me an offer, I have Winger.
My link: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=7810622&token=doIg-R0I
sent you an fried invite; i have strange enforcer
Hey! I can sell you that Strange Neon Annihilator for 1.22 ref,cause thats the original price on backpack.tf,add me on steam and we will talk about it: Youtube | VerticalHD
I have a strange red tape recorder.
I have
Strange Wrangler - 3.66 Ref
Strange Syringe Gun - 2 Ref
Strange Market Gardener - 3 Ref

Would you like any?
Pro_dude csgolive.com
trade me
Pro_dude csgolive.com
Hey dude I can't trade you in steam my weapon is untradable but craftable so I how can I give it to you?
@L0rd Enix~
offer sent
offer sent :v
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This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.