Sunbeams Batter´s Helmet - 1 of 1 on Outpost: 85 keys, more in unusuals
Sunbeams Buccaneer´s Bicorne - (cleanest on the market): 90 keys, more in unusuals
Burning Flames Tsarboosh - 1 of 2 on Outpost: 65 keys, more in unusuals
Circling TF Logo Western Wear - 1 of 2 on Outpost: 20 keys, more in unusuals
Burning Flames Fruit Shoot -1 of 2 on Outpost: 75 keys, more in unusuals
Burning Flames Frenchman´s Beret: 60 keys, more in unusuals
Scorching Flames Janissary Ketche: 37 keys, more in unusuals
Midnight Whirlwind Meet The Medic Taunt - 1 of 1 on Outpost: 35 keys, more in unusuals

Asking only for small overpay in Australiums. Please do not offer skin or even unusual weapons, I have zero interest in them.

Don´t add me please unless you agree with my prices in pure, otherwise leave an offer below or send a trade offer.
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A Clean 13th Hour Merryweather for the Batters Helmet if you add something sweet ^^
how much is something sweet for you?
actually nvm I might only be able to do 1:1
im not planning on doing a 1:1. I was thinking about you adding 25-30 ish keys
that's way too much, the merryweather's price is completely outdated, thanks anyway
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.