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1 of 1 on the market, 1 of 6 in existance: Secret to Everybody Mountain Cap (Picture can be found down below.)

I really like this hat but I´ve already got a medic hat so I don´t really need it unfortunately. I still don´t mind keeping it for some time though. Thus I´m selling it for this pure price only:

65 keys

Nothing else. Pure only. Price is firm and non-negotiable. I know this is a bit above price, but I really like this hat so I don´t want to let it go for less. Also, I´ve already been offered 60 keys once so it shouldn´t be a problem to get a bit more out of it. By the way, it´s clean if you care about that.

I won´t take anything else as already stated above. Add me or send a trade offer if you agree to my price, thanks.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.