✪ Mike
Buying Quicksell CS:GO Knives/Skins for 80% of Market Price

I May Pay Higher/Lower Depends on Skin Type
I Pay Less for StatTrak
I Can Pay with CS:GO OR TF2 Keys STOCK: 100

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Tiny The Almighty
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I have four different knives offerings and you can buy them all together, one of them, or two. Also, the prices I'm giving can be changed. I'm very negotiable so I'm most likely going to accept the price change as long as it is reasonable. All of these offers are 67% of the actual worth
StatTrak Karambit - Night (Tracks confirmed kills and field-tested) : Worth $300, Offer: 77 keys
StatTrak Shadow Daggers - Case Hardened (Tracks confirmed kills and well-worn): Worth: $200, Offer: 51 keys
Huntsman - Crimson Web (minimal wear): Worth: $250, Offer: 65 keys
StatTrak Flachion Knife - Slaughter (tracks confirmed kills and field- tested): Worth $287, Offer: 75 keys
Fortnite Player
Hello do you want to offer my bp ?
i have a M9 Bayonet | Case Hardened bs i only accept CSGO keys can u make me an offer?
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.