I am looking for an unusual flame thrower.

Effect is not as important as price is.....although I am leaning towards ENERGY ORB as being preferential. Can be strange, does not have to be. I could care less if it has killstreaks or is festive so don't expect me to overpay for something I don't want.

DO NOT ADD ME for this trade. State what you have and your price....I will NOT make an offer. If it fits into what I feel it is worth I will let you know.

I will only do pure keys or Paypal......nothing in my BP !!!!!

PS, I can buy it off the SCM if that works for you as well.

PSS, if your item is already listed on Outpost, then please do not offer me that item at your listed price. If it was at the price I was willing to pay for that particular flame thrower, I would have already bought it from you. =)
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.