Thux - I am my own Impersonator
All-Class Hype:

Looking for around 150 on the PE and 300 on the Scorching one, but feel free to offer

Notable offers:

PE Kabuto for PE Dapper

Don´t add me, offer below or send a trade offer.
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Death at Dusk Tyrant's Helm for PE Dapper if you add ?
no thanks, I wouldn´t even be sure about a 1:1
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Just out of curiosity, did the price rais that much ? Owned a burning dappers 6 months ago and both it for 80 keys at the time. Why PE is 150 now?^^
because it´s likely to go all-class, as stated in the first line of my notes
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.