Trade offers are highly preferred. But IF it is necessary to add me please note:

Do not add me before commenting on my profile what you want and what you offer, otherwise I´ll ignore you.

Specialized Scattergun w/ nice parts: 1 key + 10 ref - sold
Specialized Gold Botkiller Sniper Mk. 1 w/ part: 3 keys
Summer Shades: 1 key - sold
Genuine Killer´s Exclusive painted white: 1 key+ 5 ref
Merc´s Mohawk: 3.66 ref - sold
The Cross-Comm Crash Helmet (Lvl 100!): 3 ref
The Escapist painted Purple: 2 ref - sold
The Combustile Kabuto: 1,33 ref - sold

Prices are firm and non-negotiable. Pure only.
Mexican Doctor
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i would like to send you a trade request for the merc mohawk, but i can't seem to find the link
I don´t want to wait 15 days to get some metal, sorry
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I want buy Specialized Scattergun,but my key doest come yet, maybe can wait me 1~3 day ,ill add you .
if you think too long i will add 3 more ref in it
If it ok,i will told my friend send you trade offer
sounds good
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.