pe jefe (90 pure keys or unusuals/items easy to resell for this amount)

pure or item-offers

not too interested in:
games, money, gifted items, killstreak-stuff, unusual taunts and weapons, low craft-numbers or special levels, not really keen on robo hats too

preferably send me trade-offers or post your offers here

buds = 2.5 keys
clean max = 26 keys
Pepsi Béla
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Burning flames Demoman's fro for the Cowl
Floofy Zorua
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I'll offera god tier pro ks australium minigun (Team shine and Fire horns), an australium knife for the BoA
Floofy Zorua
Pro ks Aussie Minigun with Fire horns and Team shine + Pro ks Aussie Ambassador with fire horns and Team shine + Strange Factory new Spec ks Torqued to hell Wrench (The hell skin) for the boa? I really want to get that hat and the 3 items are quite easy to sell
thanks man
Floofy Zorua
Thanks for the unusual :D I hope you enjoy the wrench skin the most. It's got a really short history
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.