Trade offers are highly preferred. But IF it is necessary to add me please note:

Do not add me before commenting on my profile what you want and what you offer, otherwise I´ll ignore you.

Terror-Watt Tough Stuff Muffs: 37 keys, more in unusuals
Smoking Antlers - 1 of 2 on Outpost: 115 keys, more in unusuals
Lvl 100 Steaming Coldsnap Cap - 1 of 1 on Outpost: 40 keys, more in unusuals
Blizzardy Storm Birdcage: 15 keys, more in unusuals
Kill-a-Watt Tavish DeGroot Experience: 16 keys, more in unusuals
Dead Presidents Dragonborn Helmet: 25 keys only! (worth 34 on
Something Burning This Way Comes Charmer's Chapeau - 1 of 2 in existance; 1 of 1 on Outpost: 150 keys, more in unusuals
Mega Strike Taunt: The Schadenfreude - 1 of 1 on Outpost: 130 keys, more in unusuals (recently sold for GE SNS + Ether Neptune´s)

Asking only for small overpay in Australiums. Please do not offer skin or even unusual weapons, I have zero interest in them.
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13 on birdcage?
no thanks
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.