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#33 was sold for 100 pures.
idk about price,just throw the offers and i ll throw a b/o of 150 keys.
edge eddge and edgy
holy shit, this is amazing. congrats and hope you sell it for something you want :)
I sold my #44 Medal (I know it's double digit) for 85 keys, so 100k is a good buyout for this, good luck buddy
thx for letting me know:)
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I bought my #33 medal just today for 100 keys, so yeah this could probably get more :)
thx for letting me know,but i am fine with 100;)
Sure thing! Just wanted to pass the info along :)
woah level 100 as well o_o
tbh I'd sell it for 130+
the number 21 is a very old meme AND it's level 100. Congrats on getting this ^.^
maybe you are right:)will u be into it as ewll?
as well*
I didn't understand what you asked sorry
are u interested in it?
not really, I just recently entered the 100 key unusual range. If you are unable to sell for a while I can however buy it sometime later
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.