Looking for a Level 18 variant of the Strange Scoped Spartan.

Note: I am not looking for Craft #18 since these are not craftable. This is just the only way to get the level to show in the item picture on Outpost

I'll pay 8 Ref + a replacement Strange Scoped Spartan for a Level 18 version. That's a free 8 ref.

I have 40+ Strange/Unique Level 18 items and 1 Craft #18.
I own every strange cosmetic for Sniper as Level 18 (save for some all class items that don't interest me) I'm srslysrs.

Q: Where do I see the level of these strange items? It doesn't show in my Steam Inventory
A: Check on a 3rd-part backpack viewer, like Outpost or backpack.tf. If it's not Level 18, I'm not interested.

This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.