Mrs Toughsox
1 scrap EACH. Send me a trade offer or add me, which ever is easier for you.
Sneeki Breeki
Sent an offer, let me know if you want creepy/gargoyle cases too
Mrs Toughsox
If your selling them for 1 scrap each, I can take a dozen or so of each.
Can you trade me metal for my crates please
Mrs Toughsox
I am not buying crates, I am selling them.
Seventy Two
Hi, I've sent you a trade offer for the tough break crates
Mrs Toughsox
Got it and accepted.....many thanks indeed =)
i've sent a offer
chekit out
Mrs Toughsox
Im selling mine, not buying. But thanks anyways.
I need to buy crate 83 # for 1 scrap can i?
Mrs Toughsox
I dont have any 83s and we both know, they are worth much more than a scrap.
i would like to buy a mannco supplycrate
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.