Selling some nice items:

#1 - Professional Killstreak Glitched Circuit Board - 1 of 1 Glitched Circuit Board in the world with any killstreak
Killstreaker: Cerebral Discharge, Sheen: Manndarin
Im looking for offers for it but if you want know my B/O is 100 keys in pure/unusuals/aussies/kittes im opne for any type of offers

#2 - Scorching Flames Industrial Festivizer with 2 Halloween Spells - Gangreen Footprints + Voices From Below
Engie unusual with God Tier Effect with High Tier Footprints
Im looking for offers, pure B/O is 90 keys
rejected offers - 71 keys pure
if you like halloween spells check my trade -

#3 - Strange Festive Sandvich with Allied Healing Done Part
B/O - 7 keys pure or any unusual hat! ANY!
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Roboactive Attendant + sweets for the Festivizier?
sorry but im not interested... my goal is to get keys for it sooner or later. trading it for another high priced unusual will not help in it.
with worse effect
btw and i see that you have enogh pure to offer me...
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71 pure
for? festivizer?
btw i dont see that many keys in your inventory
Yes for festivizer and on Wednesday
sorry im not interested in such low offer
You wont get a better offer hahaha
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.