Buying any low-tier effect of the hats listed above for the following prices, including duped ones:

Pyromancer's Mask ----------- 21 keys
Wraith Wrap ----------- 11 keys (10 keys for N&B)
Head Warmer ----------- 12 keys (11 keys for N&B)
Flamboyant Flamenco ----------- 11 keys (10 keys for N&B)
Napper's Respite
Pampered Pyro ----------- 8 keys
Toy Taylor
Bone Dome ----------- 9 keys (8 keys for N&B)

- As i said above, i don't care if your hat is duped.
- Not interested in paying more for mid-high tier effects unless you are discounting them by at least 40-50%.
- I won't trade with scammers/alts/private-profiles.
- I'm also buying other unusuals, check them here: http://www.tf2outpost.com/user/76561197964393843

Send a trade offer and i will respond as soon as possible. Have a nice day!
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how about a L' Homme Burglerre with Dead President for 17k
No thanks.
Get Bone'd
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Flies taylor 10 keys
I'm afraid i will stay firm at 9 keys, sorry. Send a trade offer if you are ok with it.
Get Bone'd
Bookmarked for if I need pure, happy trading! c:
Same to you :)
goofy goober #43
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i have a bubbling wayfinder priced at 15 was wondering if maybe 13 or 12 plus sweets could work out?
Not really interested, sorry.
drix |
offer sent
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