Buying any low-tier effect of the hats listed above for the following prices, including duped ones:

Cotton Head
Tough Stuff Muffs ----------- 15 keys
Hat With No Name ----------- 13 keys
Brown Bomber ----------- 14 keys (12 keys for N&B)
Human Cannonball ----------- 13 keys (12 keys for N&B)
A Rather Festive Tree ----------- 12 keys
Towering Pillar of Hats ----------- 12 keys (10 keys for N&B)
Noble Amassment of Hats ----------- 11 keys (10 keys for N&B)

- As i said above, i don't care if your hat is duped.
- Not interested in paying more for mid-high tier effects unless you are discounting them by at least 40-50%.
- I won't trade with scammers/alts/private-profiles.
- I'm also buying other unusuals, check them here: http://www.tf2outpost.com/user/76561197964393843

Send a trade offer and i will respond as soon as possible. Have a nice day!
Sorry if you're not interested, but are you also interested in the Dr's Dapper Topper? It's an all-class. It's priced at 45 and I'm selling mine for 32. Again sorry if you're not interested
I'm afraid I'm not interested in that one, sorry.
One Tap
Are you interested in an Unusual Noble Amassment? The effect is Orbiting Fire and I'm looking for 18 keys
Not really interested in that one, sorry.
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