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Attention whore
Hey, selling these amazing hats!
Please Do not add me. Use trade offers, instead, or offer here.

El jefe: 18 pure, 25 in unusuals

NOTE: Please don't offer me in eotl... / 2014 halloween... / summer gens
Mr. Fox
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Hey buddy,
Do you want to sell fast or could you wait 4-5 days ? I'll be able to buy that scattergun but won't recieve my keys until then.

ty for your response ~
Attention whore
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i can wait sure
Attention whore
i can maybe wait if you buy it for 10 keys
Mr. Fox
Of course i'll buy it for 10 keys, I can read what price you wanted.
Attention whore
ok i will wait for it
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.