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Please send me trade offer instead of offering here...
Trade Offer Link :

Check Hat's History BEFORE offering if u care about it

Honcho - 29
Stuntman - 13
Voodoo - 28
A HFoHA - 28
Handle - 12
SnS - 150

Pure > Knife Overpay / Unusual Overpay > Unusual Weapons

Other items for sale:

Trade offer is fastest and easiest, always comment on my profile before adding me.

Feel free to offer
If you give me some time to get the keys, I buy your Honcho!
how much?
I only have 23 keys for now, I'm trading right now to get more
maybe u have anything to add with items?add me
I do have a few items, cosmetics and weapons...
you can add me and let me know or just send a trade offer when u ll have enough money
This post was hidden by the trade owner.
I will quickbuy Tf2 logo Handle for 9 keys pure, mobile confirmed.
handle for 8 pure or any other unusual you have for 8 pure key
Hey, add me and accept the trade if you think it's a fair trade.
Hey would u sell that honcho for 28 keys i dont have 29 ?
Add me if you think the trade is good.
I sent a trade offer through Steam.
Nevermind, got a different trade offer.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.