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Do NOT add me, send a trade offer or offer below. IF you really need to add me, leave a comment on my profile first.

Professional Australium Flame Thrower w/ great killstreaker + sheen + good parts: 25 keys each, more in unusuals
Professional Australium Blutsauger w/ good killstreaker + sheen: 14 keys, more in unusuals
Professional SF Sniper Rifle w/ great parts: 19 keys, more in unusuals
Specialized Pan: 8 keys, more in items/unusuals
Lvl 42 Haunted Ghosts Whoopee Cap: 36 keys, more in unusuals (2-man history)

Asking only for small overpay in (other) Australiums. Please do not offer skin or even unusual weapons, I have zero interest in them.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.