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Alright, let's get started once again !

I have this super sexy ALL CLASS Unusual Killer Excusive (Effect: Frostbite).
CLEAN and short history
Looking to trade it for keys, Unusuals (with overpay - depending on effect & hat), Australiums (I don't need overpay) or CSGO Knifes (gonna overpay for them ofc).

Note that this is one of my fav. unusuals and I will only let it go for a good offer.
I am not looking for Strange Unusuals, Robo hats or Unusual weapons. If your hat is duped you need more overpay.
Offer away and I will tell you if I like it or not. No B/o, No C/o ... If I like the offer I will take it if not I won't.
Trade Link:

Offers worth mentioning:
- Secret Bomber (duped) + Vivid TC + 50 keys (from Blenderbird) ---> Frostbite KE
- Scorching Mohawk + 50 keys (from -BM- Sanguine #TeamHeavy) ---> Frostbite KE & VVF declined
- Circling hearts Crone's Dome & adds---> Frostbite KE declined

Oh and pls do only add me if rly necessary and post here before adding me.
TY for reading and have a nice day :)
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Can you add for a scorching Mohawk?
how much are you looking for and is it clean ?
100% clean with recent sales at 1100. Add to discuss?
sry but thats a bit over my budget ... its a sexy hat tho, gl with selling im sure you gonna get a decent offer :)
Ehh... I really like this KE, so I might just cut you a deal here. offer sent, add me if necessary :) hiding for space
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Painted Cow Mangler (BAF)?
no ty not interested in glitched items
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.