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JayTee | Cashing Out
[url][/url]1 of 3. 2 man history. (1 man history on op?)

B/O: 2000 keys PURE 1600 Keys pure (at least 2000+ in unusuals)

I'm mostly interested in pure or golden pans, I will listen to other offers too tho. I favour pure/australiums and lots of low tiers over high tiers.

Other seller on outpost has been offered a gold pan + GE reggae (70), 1000 pure and many other offers, and declined them. So don't bother offering below that.

Other offers:
1100 pure
1500 pure (was collecting then backed out because of irl bills) https://gya...ez.png
Sunbeams Crones ~ 1200
1300 pure + misty skull law ~ 775 (pending sugg at 795) ~ https://i.g...f2.png (lost in stocks)

I haven't really been putting offers cause many have been lowballs af.... But heres another:
~https://i.g...1c.png https://i.g...58.png ~ PE viewfinder and GE crones + Scorching wetworks ~ around 1500-1600 in unusuals.

more offers:
sunbeams cone + 600 pure. Cone is priced at 1100 but price it at whatever u want ~ declined

Scorching BOA (1 man history) ~ 1300 priced at recently, but id value it at 1500 cause of the short history
Scorching Crones ~ pending sugg at 1400
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Congrats on the purchase. I just want to correct something if you don't mind, the pan offer was mine and i retracted it (the offer was up for few mins only then i changed my mind about offering full pure).
JayTee | Cashing Out
Alright thanks :P. The pan i feel is too low, but thanks anyway :)
Danke memes (won't offer cause I don't think you'll like my stuff) congratulations on the purchase!
JayTee | Cashing Out
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Just curious what you bought it for :D Since its a sexy hat
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My peak + Lucha.
JayTee | Cashing Out
zXc| s>aussie rocket
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my bp? :3
JayTee | Cashing Out
Not really the 2000 in items i want, and the cardboard.. seems like you bought it for pretty low... Meh.. idk
zXc| s>aussie rocket
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Vintage pyrovision goggles?
Sprekt, the biggest troller. No.
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Burning Chullo +Salty + Tesla Nunhood
Going off your prices (which are highly over the top) This offer accounts to 1600. Thats way too low man, and the nunhood i wouldnt say is more then 200. So no thanks
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added to offer
added to offer
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This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.