DimO_on 📱✔ B>QS items
I buy up this items(1 - N quantity)

11 ref for Lurking Legionnaire
3.33 ref for Scoped Spartan
2.66 ref for Surgical Survivalist
3.33 ref for Gauzed Gaze
20 ref for Dad Duds
8 ref for Dayjogger
7 ref for Patriot's Pouches
115 ref for Bedouin Bandana

Send trade offer: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=249959500&token=up_KhWJU
P.S. I do not overpay for any additions on items!!!
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hey dude what do you mean by paying 129 ref for bedouin bandana?
ya, send trade offer
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sent a trade offer
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Would you mind raising the price for the surgical survivalist up a scrap?
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.